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Coffee with Dad: A Father's Day Special

Long-embedded in our culture and traditions, the role of a father comes in complex layers of “tough love,” being hot and cold at the same time.

A father is often portrayed to be away - busy working, but of course, he also has to be heavily involved in raising his own children.

Time, presence, love, and care.

As we have become the busy adults that we are today, how moving is it to look back at the good old times when our fathers would come home to us with all smiles, big hugs, spend time playing with us, and even bathe us after his long day at work?

Without a doubt, fathers really are superheroes.

It’s Father’s Day in a few days. This time around, it’s our turn to shower our real-life superheroes with how much they mean to us by giving them our time, presence, love, and care.

In case your father is not the intimate or affectionate type, remember that it could be just a façade and that your “grumpy old man” may just be embarrassed, invite him for coffee and show him some loving and smother him with sincere acknowledgment for being a great father through and through. He’ll surely appreciate the sweet gesture.

Happy Father’s Day!

Stay awesome, Dads!

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